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Before going to Dr. Rick I felt pain in my neck and mid-back.  I felt some restriction of movement and lots of pain.  After treatment, which included an adjustment and therapy (EMS and heat) I felt a greater range of motion, more movement and a sense of well-being.  My pain was much better. I was impressed by Dr. Rick's caring manner and the healing, nurturing atmosphere of the office.  The staff was friendly and supportive.  What makes Dr. Rick's adjustments unique is that he is sensitive to the patient's need for more or less of an adjustment.  He doesn't overdo it like some chiropractors who give too many manipulations in one session leaving the patient sore and afraid to return for another session.  Dr. Rick is extremely sensitive to the needs of the patient with his adjustments.  He is a gifted diagnostician as he was able to spot a "neurological problem" long before traditional medicine.  Dr. Rick found it and I was able to seek the appropriate medical treatment for that condition before the condition got out of control.  He is a genuine, caring and humble person who has expertise in his field of chiropractic medicine.  I highly recommend him to all who seek healing and natural holistic medicine.

Donna Z.

Two young children and a ton of neck pain. I was tired of medication and really didn't benefit from physical therapy. Dr. Rick sent me for an MRI and we found out that I had a large herniation and arthritis. He helped me get off the medication and I gradually improved. I've been to other chiropractors and always had good success. He helped me get back to exercise and the pain has continually improved. His decompression table really helped. I still return when I have to but the neck pain is much better.

Stacy B

I was referred to Dr. Rick from my brother who had a similiar condition. I have a herniation in my lowback and developed pain and numbness in my right leg. I'm a contractor so it really effected my work and I had real problems sleeping. I had some success with drugs and injections. I saw Dr. Rick about 10 times and had great results. Between the adjustments and traction table, I noticed great improvement within a few visits. I come in once in a while when I notice some discomfort but the sharp pain hasn't really been an issue. I did consult with another doctor who wanted a ton of money for decompression. I liked Dr. Rick because he was to the point and knew what he was doing.

Doug P.

I have a history of scoliosis and allergies. The scoliosis would cause me to have neck, midback and lowback pain. Headaches were also a major problem. I had difficulty lifting things as well as exercising. I also had allergies and used antibiotics regularly. After several months of treatment, I rarely have to use antibiotics for sinus infections. My neck and lowback pain are much more stable and my activity level is much higher. I come in and get treatment when I need him because the chiropractic treatment has made a big difference. I've been seeing him since 1997.

Christina C.

I had experienced chronic lowback and muscle spasms as a result of arthritis. I've also been diagnosed with Myofacial Syndrome. I was used to using many pain killers and steriods. Within 2-3 weeks. I had much more mobility and much less pain. I very rarely use medication. I see Dr. Rick every couple of weeks and I'm able to do whatever I want.

Pat S.C.

After having a gastric bypass and being in the hospital for 7 months, I lost the use of my right foot and ankle due to 2 herniated discs. After six months of treatment, I can feel and use my feet like normal. I also have improved hearing in my left ear. My lowback pain is better. Dr. Rick also encourages me with my weight. Dr. Rick is a great person as well as a great Doctor of Chirorpactic.

Keith H.

With more than an inch difference in the length of my legs due to polio, I grew up with back pain. My regular diet included 6-12 ibuprofen a day which didn't seem out of the ordinary. Now it's uncommon that I take any pain medications. I just don't have to deal with the amount of pain and discomfort that I used to. After a couple of weeks of treatment, I was much better. I have a great family doctor...but his approach was "Let me know when you need something more then Advil." I'm delighted that I was introduced to Dr. Rick and would definetly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain. My wife consequently became a patient.

Joe Y.




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