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  • Dr.
    Rick Goldfine

    Dr. Rick Goldfine is originally from Havertown, Pennsylvania.  He attended West Chester University and received a BSED in Special Education with a teaching certification in 1988.  Post graduate work was performed at Temple University. After graduation, he taught in the Philadelphia area for a few years. He attended Life College of Chiropractic in Georgia and received his Chiropractic Doctorate in 1995. While in Georgia, he met his wife and 'Georgia Peach' JoAnne. He returned to Pennsylvania in 1997 to open up his private practice. 

    Dr. Rick has three children Jensen, Juliet and Asher. He resides in West Chester with his family. He is an avid runner and has two marathons to his name. He focuses on a family practice and treats a variety of conditions. He maintains a modern practice with the most current technology available. He runs a clinical practice with an emphasis on personal service and dedication to his patients.

    Dear Prospective Patient, 

    There are many important qualities that I have learned that makes an exceptional chiropractor.  Like most professions, nothing can replace fifteen years of experience treating patients in private practice.  However, there are five key qualities that I would want in my chiropractor.  

         1)  Co-treating the patient with their medical provider or initiating proper diagnostic studies (MRI, x-rays, etc.) when necessary.

                There are many instances when this may be necessary.  More acute or chronic conditions may benefit from the aid of pharmaceuticals for short term benefit.  Diagnostic imaging is imperative in order to understand a patient's condition or their level of response to treatment.  Often, our office will send out notes to patient's primary physicians.  This helps MD's to better understand the specialized treatment their patients are receiving in our office.  In addition, every patient's condition needs to be evaluated to make sure it is a condition that can benefit from chiropractic treatment.  If a patient has a condition that needs medical attention then a referral to the proper type of medical doctor is necessary.  As you develop a long term relationship with a chiropractor, it is not uncommon for your chiropractor to suspect or diagnose a medical condition and refer for confirmation and treatment.  A patient counts on their chiropractor to make these types of decisions.

         2)  Understanding the type of patient you are treating.

                Patients come in all 'shapes and sizes'.  Some patient's are happy with temporary pain relief and want a 'quick fix'.  Some patients understand they have a chronic condition and the importance of regular treatment.  Some patients only need a few treatments and that's all they get.  There are patients I have seen regularly for fifteen years and some I won't see for another fifteen.  Patients have different needs and I tailor the treatment to their individual needs.  I will always provide my professional opinion in a way that makes treatment more effective and patients most comfortable.

         3)  Providing exceptional chiropractic diagnostic and clinical services.

                    This may sound obvious, but a chiropractor needs to know how to treat patients with a wide range of conditions.  This includes understanding the patient's condition and providing effective chiropractic treatment.  It is important to have a wide range of chiropractic techniques and therapies in your office.  It is necessary to provide modern, effective therapies and take advantage of technological advances in the field of chiropractic to best serve patients.  In addition to our chiropractic services, my office offers massage therapy, Active Motion Rehabilitation (based on the McKenzie principles), Dynamic Traction System(Spinal Decompression) and a variety of other effective physiotherapies. Knowing when, where, why and why not to apply these and other services are vital. This is how a chiropractor's experience makes the biggest impact with successful treatment. 

         4)  Acting with the highest degree of integrity regarding financial and insurance policies.

               This is simple.  Treat each patient as though they were a member of your family !!!!

         5)  Explain the patient's condition so they understand.

                     Most patients do not understand their problem and as a result they continue to make less effective choices.  It isn't uncommon to have patients who have been under chiropractic treatment for years (with good results) not understand their condition or why they respond to treatment.  Patients who understand their condition and treatment choices usually make better decisions about their health and get better results.

    I hope this provides you with some important information that you can expect when receiving treatment in my office. If there is a question or anything that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact my office.  I've been in private practice for thirty years and look forward to providing you with the best chiropractic treatment available.


    Dr. Rick Goldfine


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